Jackie’s Scrubs, I feel a quilt coming on…

Jackie and her scrubs
Jackie and her scrubs

A while back, when I was making my Longest Night quilt  (which has Scrubs in it) I mentioned that my friend Jackie who is a nurse (as well as a writer, photographer and painter, you can see and read her work on her blog Creative Journey Woman)  had a bunch of Scrubs to give me.  Well, today in the parking lot behind the Round House Cafe, Jackie pulled out a big plastic bag from her truck, filled with old Scrubs.

She held up one of her favorites and suddenly quilts and potholders flashed before my eyes.   I was thinking hospital green when she told me about her Scrubs stash, but Jackie’s been a nurse for a while and has a varied selection of Scrubs fashions.

I feel  a Scrubs Quilt coming on.  Plenty of sold colors with just the right mix of colorful prints.


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