Purging in My Studio

inside my studio

I started it yesterday and it was more than just cleaning out my studio, it was a purge.

I was in my studio making some potholders and suddenly I get the feeling that I needed to move some of the old fabric in my studio.  Some of the stuff I’ve had for years and never used.   I couldn’t help but feel it as weighing me down.

So I started going through it, all of it, every piece and scrap.

Some of the fabric I put aside to donate to our thrift store in town.  Some of it I actually threw away.  I filled two bags with clothes I had bought at thrift stores and never used to go in the clothes bin at the American Legion.  I have another box of fabric I’ll donate to the High School Theater Club if they want it.

The stuff I kept I refolded and put on different shelves.  It was about shaking things up, moving the energy around.

And as I went through it all I felt a shift in my studio.  A clearing.  I also got reacquainted with the fabric I do have.   It also reminds me to use what I have, not to save it for someday.  Because there’s a lot of fabric in the world and a lot  of it comes to me in one way or another.

Tomorrow I’ll go into my studio knowing there’s more space there, with the weight of the unusable fabric gone.


4 thoughts on “Purging in My Studio

  1. That’s awesome! The last 2 days at work we’ve been sending records to offsite retention & recycling old stuff that we don’t need to save.

    I do have a twin size quilt that my grandmother made & my mom repaired. It has similar colors to “That’s Enough”; it’s been sitting the closet for the last 15 years since it has a few ratty sections. I could send you a picture to see if you want it?

  2. What a great pic of your studio in the process of being “refreshed”. I can almost feel the new energy flowing in and around your studio as you “remove the old weight”. Annie

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