The Art of my Studio Door, by Me and Fate

the Inside of mY studio door
The inside of my studio door

Every day when I come into my studio in the morning I strike a match and light a candle on my alter.  Then I use the burnt end of the match to draw on the inside of my studio door.

I think of the cave drawings, and how the artists who made them often  used charcoal, the brunt end of a stick to do their drawings.

When I brush up against the door the drawings get rubbed away, so it’s always changing.

The outside of my studio door
The outside of my studio door

And it seems, Fate is making her own art on the outside of my studio door.  It’s abstract, and her intention is not necessarily to make art, but it’s her creation.

Mud is Fates medium.   And it’s been a warm and muddy winter.

When Fate’s outside and wants to come in, like Frieda before her, she knocks at my door.  Frieda gave more of a scratch, and never left a mark.  But Fate’s more creative about it.  Exploring her “canvas”.   There’s a depth and attention to line that’s impressive.

But then again, it looks like she’s getting awfully close to the doorknob.  Maybe she’s not an artist after all and she’s just trying to open the door.  Being that she’s a Border Collie, I wouldn’t put it past her.

4 thoughts on “The Art of my Studio Door, by Me and Fate

  1. Perhaps she’s been observing your creative spark on the opposite side of the door and is trying to replicate it in her own fashion. At the very least it looks like willows in the wind. Dog art.

  2. This is a wonderful post, Maria. You find art and interest in the unlikeliest of places. And leave it Fate to be the abstract expressionist!

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