Watch Ed Gulley Help His Cow Jessie Give Birth on Bejosh Farm

Carol and Ed Gulley
Carol and Ed Gulley.  Photo by Jon Katz

I don’t usually blog or even go online on Saturdays.  It’s my day off.  But I got a text from Carol Gulley asking if I was able to get her blog, some people, she texted, were having trouble.     When I checked into it I realized I hadn’t read Carol and Ed’s blog  in a few days.

Going through their posts, seeing their videos and reading their words, I was once again struck by how genuine and natural both Carol and Ed are at blogging.  Which is really a surprise since it’s only in the past couple of months that Carol got an iphone and they both started  doing any kind of writing.

This is the real thing, Carol and Ed have been farming together for something like 40 years.  And you can see how much they love what they do in the way they interact with each other and the animals.  This isn’t always pretty but it is beautiful.

Their blog is unique, I’ve actually never seen one like it before.  It’s so real and honest and unselfconscious.  I love Carol and Ed a little more each time I read one of the posts or see one of their videos.

On Friday Ed helped their cow Jessie give birth.  The only drama is in the birth itself, Ed and Carol have the calm of experience but not the disinterest that sometimes comes with having done something hundreds of times.  You and see in their actions  and hear in their voices the affection they have for their animals.

You can watch Peeps (that’s what Carol name the calf, being he was born on Good Friday) being born here.

2 thoughts on “Watch Ed Gulley Help His Cow Jessie Give Birth on Bejosh Farm

    1. The calves don’t go back to the mother cows Jennifer. When they are old enough to milk then the girls become milkers too and all the milking cows are together. The boys are often raised for meat or got to become oxen like the three the Gulleys just sold. For all the details, you’d have to ask Carol and Ed. I know about some of how it works but not all.

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