Jon Painting Flowers

jon painting flowers

Last year we bought two of Ed Gulley’s Flower Sculptures.  One of them was faded so Jon decided to repaint it.  He used all the left over paint from the inside of our house.  When he was done they were the blue and orange of our bathroom, the pink of our dining room table and the yellow of our dining room walls.

Red and Fate kept him company.

One thought on “Jon Painting Flowers

  1. Maria, Your color photos are so wonderful! I am very glad that Jon is getting his black and white camera/lens, but I am SO GLAD that you will still be taking all these lovely color photos of your work (the quilt of Roger’s clothes is AMAZING) the farm house, Fate & Red, and of Jon. (The new RED doors are SPLENDID! Red is still my favorite color) Annie

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