Goddess in the City

Circle Arms Quilt6

I started this quilt a few days ago.  If began when I took a vintage linen with some Victorian women embroidered on it and drew with permanent marker the goddess with the circle arms on it.

Circle Arms Quilt

I made some of my winged wheels and borrowed some of the goddess images from my Language of the Goddess Book.

victorian woman

The original embroidered women seem to be searching to me, for the wild woman within, the goddess beneath the corseted dress and bonnet.

Circle Arms Quilt2

The city fabric is in juxtaposition to the Goddess.  But the Goddess transcends time she live among us still.

Circle Arms Quilt3

I literally saw the squares of fabric surrounded by black in my wooden floor boards,  before I added them to the quilt.  I easily found the squares in my stash then sewed it all together.

Circle Arms Quilt4

The calendar pieces came from a Calendar dish towel from 1974.  I sewed some to the goddess drawing then used the rest in the corner with a geometric patterned fabric that seemed to work with the designs that I decorated my goddesses with.

Circle Arms Quilt5

I saw the squares of fabric below the drawing just as I saw the ones above it.

Circle Arms Quilt6

I still have to tack the quilt and plan to finish it on Monday.  It will be for sale once I get it all done.  It’s 60″ x 70″ and is $400 + shipping.

7 thoughts on “Goddess in the City

  1. This speaks to me on so many levels. I often feel when I am in the city voices of people and noises of events that happened long ago. Your Goddess is infused with the old the new the past and present but most importantly to me the future.

    1. I can see that in your photos of Brooklyn, Susan. That layering. I think that’s why I put the calendars in the piece too. To try and speak to the issue of time.

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