Third Chance Scarves


One of the dresses Nancy sent me
One of the dresses Nancy sent me

There was something about the way Nancy described the dresses that made me say “yes”.

Nancy wrote that she was going through some of her things because it was time for her to “feel lighter”.  That’s sometime I understand, I regularly go thought my stuff and send the things I no longer use off to the thrift store.

But I could see that the dresses were special to her.  Although she bought them many years ago,  she still remembered the woman with the  ” wonderful and gentle energy” who made them.   The woman stitched together scarps of fabric to create the dresses and sold them at an Arts and Crafts Fair.

Two days after I said “yes”,   the dresses (and a baggie of Nancy’s mom’s lovely vintage hankies) were in my mailbox.  They fell soft and silky over my arms as I pulled them out of the box.  I knew right away I would use them to make scarves.

This has the be the fastest processes of getting an email from someone offering me something to my receiving it and making something out of it.  It all happened in a matter of days.

This morning in my studio I cut the skirt from the bodice of  one of the dresses.  Then I cut the skirt up and sewed it back together  to make a scarf.

I love the drape of the skirts and didn’t want to compromise it,  so used a thin silky fabric for the backing.

This is what I came up with….

3rd blue and red


and from the second dress…


I have more fabric from the skirts  to make some more of these.  I only have enough backing fabric for a few of more scarves,   so I’m  thinking of piecing together some silk scarves that I have an using them.   (I was never quite sure how to use those silk scarves, but I think this can be perfect).

I’m not sure where the original scraps of fabric came from that were used to make Nancy’s dresses, but I feel like the fabric  is in its third incarnation with my scarves.

After I make a few more I’ll be selling them.  I know  we’re coming out of  scarf whether, but these are light weight and I can always keep them for the fall.

Anyway I had the itch to figure out how to  make them today and nothing was going to stop me until I did.

5 thoughts on “Third Chance Scarves

  1. These are beyond beautiful. I love the colors, and the patterns.
    I’m wondering what you will charge for them as I would like to purchase one of them; probably the one with the shades of lavender and the roses. Lavender, mauve and pink are my favorite colors. Are they silk? If so, I would really love to buy one.
    I hope you and Jon have a pleasant get-away and that it warms up and you are able to see the sun peeking through for more than just a short period of time.
    Love to all of you in the “peaceable kingdom.”

    1. I”m not sure of the fabric Jane, It seems to be a mix of different materials. And they’ll be $45 + shipping. Thanks for asking.

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