“Third Chance Scarves” Sold Out


Third Chance Scarf #1
“Rose” Sold

I finished making all my Third Chance Scarves today.  I have seven for sale.

I made them from two different dresses that someone sent to me.  The dresses were themselves made from scraps of fabric.   So this is the third time these fabrics are being reused.  I do wonder what they’ll become next.

My Third Chance Scarves are about 60″ long.    They are  $45 each + $7 shipping (shipping is a bit more outside the US, please ask me about it)  If you see a scarf you like, just email me here at [email protected]  and let me know.  I take checks and paypal.

Third Chance Scarf #2
“Lily of the Valley” SOLD


Third Chance Scarf #3
“Pansy” Sold


Third Chance Scarf #4
“Rhod0dendron” Sold




"Purple Flowers"
“Purple Flowers” SOLD


"Pink Flowers"
“Pink Flowers” Sold

4 thoughts on ““Third Chance Scarves” Sold Out

  1. Hi Maria

    Are you holding the scarves for the Open House or are they for sale now? I love the colors of Paisley!

    1. Jill, I only have these seven scarves for sale. And most of them are sold already. I do have one or two still available, just waiting to hear back from a couple of people. So it looks like I probably won’t have any to sell at the Open House.

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