Carol Law Conklin and her Batiks at the Bedlam Farm Open House Part I

I spent yesterday afternoon at Carol Law Conklin’s house and studio. They’re really the same thing, her house and studio.  Her work is everywhere you look, some hanging on walls, some piled up in corners,  ready to go to the next gallery or exhibit.  And her studio takes up space  not just  inside her house, but outside as well.  (she keeps her dye baths in her yard)

Carol’s started making her batiks in the 1970’s.  She stopped for many years while she and her husband Dick dedicated their lives to their Dairy Farm.  But her love of nature and animals, especially horses and cows (although now she has a llama who prances around her yard) can  be seen in her batiks.  She’s also drawn the the mythical side of animals and the earth and that informs her work also.

I took four videos of Carol demonstrating her batik process.  I’ll be posting them over the next few days.  I was enthralled watching Carol work, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.    The video above is the first in the series.

Carol also has a blog and reproduces much of her work as functional art on scarves, trivets, notecards  and in a bunch of other forms.  This makes her art more accessible to more of us.  Her website is Amity Farm Batik and you can see it and more of her work here.

One thought on “Carol Law Conklin and her Batiks at the Bedlam Farm Open House Part I

  1. Wow. What an amazing video! I would love to sit in Carol’s studio, and simply watch her work all day. Magical is right.

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