Minnie In My Studio


Minnie spends a lot of time under my studio(there’s a hole in the foundation and she often sleeps in the crawl space)   but today, for the first time, she came into my studio.

Fate was in the house with Jon and Minnie got right to exploring.  She went back outside just after I ended the video, but came back a little while later and hung out on the rug by the door.  One of Fate’s favorite places.

7 thoughts on “Minnie In My Studio

  1. She was pretty quiet for Minnie! So much to investigate. You have to wonder why she finally decided to come into your studio – TWICE in one day!

  2. Hearing her three feet on the floor reminded me so much of my tripod. It’s a little thing I miss that I didn’t even realize until I heard it. Stay safe Minnie, you have a big FAN here!

  3. I love how she explored every inch of it – especially Fate’s crate! It’s also amazing how well she’s adjusted to a life with three legs : )


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