Biddy and Griselle, Two Romneys, Come To Bedlam Farm

Jon got the phone call from Donna that she and Treasure needed help getting the sheep into her car.  Not just one, but two Romneys, from the same flock that Izzy and Rosemary came from.

Surprisingly it was Jon’s idea.  He can’t get over Rosemary’s wool.   And he just couldn’t pass up the idea of having more of that beautiful Romney wool on the farm.

He suggested we give some of our other sheep away to make room for the two new ones, but I’m not open to that idea.  So we compromised and are keeping them all.

Donna rescued the four ewes and a ram named Samson (who also has incredible wool).  When she first told me about them I was sure we’d only take one.  But she couldn’t keep them all (Donna and Treasure raise goats) and I know I’ll be able to sell their wool.  I’ll probably mix it with our Border Leicester and Cheviot wool.  In the right combinations it will be softer and stronger.

When we got to Donna’s the  three sheep were running along the outside of the fence.  I’m always amazed watching Jon and Red work together especially in situations like this was.

At one point the sheep started running down the driveway.  That freaked me, just a little, and I ran to see if I could help.  But Jon and Red had it under control.   Red got behind the sheep and walked them up the driveway, away from the road.

Red got trampled more than once and always got right back at it.  And Jon stayed calm the whole time.  Giving Red commands and trusting it would work out.

Part of it is knowing sheep and how they’ll behave.   Jon always has a strategy going into a situation like this.  He knows, if all else fails, the sheep will, most likely, get tired at some point  and run back to the safety of their barn.

So now we have two more Romneys.  Griselle and Biddy.   Biddy has a black and white face and soft brown wool and Griselle, who is Izzy’s mother, has silver wool.

Biddy and Griselle
Biddy and Griselle

6 thoughts on “Biddy and Griselle, Two Romneys, Come To Bedlam Farm

  1. They are beautiful! You are so fortunate to have 4 Romney ewes now. You will LOVE their wool! I so wish I could go up there and get that ram. That’s my dream to have a Romney ram. I still have a huge Romney fleece I got a few years ago that I am still spinning. I just love it. Enjoy those beautiful girls!

  2. sent the check off today for the potholders. I’m glad you won’t give up any of your other sheep- I fell in love with Kim from the portrait Jon did of her that was on his blog a few weeks ago. The sheep are beautiful- and lucky!

  3. I wish you would take Samson too. As Jon wrote about how they fought off Red, it seemed like they didn’t want to be separated from one another. Maybe he would be good and listen to Red/Jon and would be great to be with his flock again. I don’t know much about sheep but imagine he misses his family. I’m glad Treasure and Donna helped these sheep.

    1. Sheep never want to be separated from each other Lisa. Samson has Donna and Treasure’s goats for company. And Rams are kept separate from the rest of the flock unless they’re breeding. So Samson may be used to seeing the other sheep, but not being with them all the time. He does have beautiful wool and if we took him, he’d have to be castrated. I think he would do better staying a Ram and being able to sire more beautiful lambs.

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