Fate, Sleeping By The Door

fate sleeping

Fate’s favorite place to  sleep  is by the door, whether it’s in the house or in my studio.  I think it’s because she doesn’t want to miss out on anything.  If someones going outside, she wants to go with them.  After all, Jon or I may be going to the sheep.

Fate also comes alive when we’re in my studio and  Jon calls or texts me.  She know his ring.  She doesn’t wake up for the other sounds my phone makes, but when the fairy dust of a text  or the guitar strum of a phone call comes from my phone she’s up and at the window.  Looking out, looking for Jon.

How does she know it’s Jon on the phone.

Maybe because after enough of his calls or texts we’ve  gone into the house for lunch or to read something’s Jon’s written before he posts it on his blog.  Or because we meet him in the driveway after he’s gone food shopping, to help him in with the groceries.  Or maybe she can hear his voice over the phone, although that doesn’t explain the text messages.

However she’s figured it out, it’s kinda sweet, the way she jumps up out of what I thought was a dead sleep, when she thinks Jon’s coming.

Who knows, maybe it’s just that she picks up on my excitement to be hearing from Jon.  Something I still feel whenever he comes home or calls.

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