Elizabeth Heyenga’s Tallow Balm, At The Bedlam Farm Open House

Elizabeth Heyenga's Tallow Balm
Elizabeth Heyenga’s Tallow Balm

Elizabeth sent me a sample of her Tallow Balm last winter.   We got to know each other online.  It was one of those quick connections.  She responded to one of my posts in a way that made me want to hear more of what she had to say.

I used her Tallow Balm throughout the winter, mostly to soften and moisten my hands, but also on my legs and arms, which dry out too.  I gave some as a gift to my friend Athena.  I know Athena can be particular about the lotions she uses, so when she raved about Elizabeth’s  Tallow Balm, I knew it was something special.

At some point I got the idea to sell it at the Bedlam Farm Open House.  It had something to do with Elizabeth’s dedication and passion surrounding the balm and also that I wanted to be able to share it.

Elizabeth is a healer and began  making her Tallow Balms for her clients. When they asked to buy more and she saw how it was improving their skin, she decided to start her business Lizzie’s Pure Living. 

I asked Elizabeth exactly what Tallow Balm is.  She said it “was a farm tradition. Lard was plentiful and free, when rendered it is the perfect base for a balm. When made from grass-fed cows it is nutrient dense and offers vitamins that plant-oil based skin care cannot. It is very high in A, D, E, and K.  And  has an abundance of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an anti-inflammatory, and palmitoleic acid, a natural antimicrobial.”

That explained what it was made of and why it worked,  but what really resonated with me was when she said,  “I work with herbs, flower essences, and essential oils, so formulating blends for therapeutic effect and pleasant smell has been a natural fit and very enjoyable. When I make balm I work in a mindful state and imbue the balm with healing intention”.   That, and the fact that it really works and smell good too.

If you aren’t coming to the Open House but would like some of Elizabeth’s Tallow Balm you can email her directly at elizheyenga@gmail.com.

Elizabeth and Olive. Olive helps clean up by licking the tallow up from the floor. Hence my guiding principle: if you won’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.
Elizabeth and Olive. Olive helps clean up by licking the tallow up from the floor. Hence  Elizabeth’s guiding principle:” if you won’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.”

14 thoughts on “Elizabeth Heyenga’s Tallow Balm, At The Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Is there some way one could order this balm? I won’t be able to attend the open house and would love to try some of this. As I am aging my skin is getting dryer during the winter. I would love to get something I felt good about putting on my skin.

    1. Yes, Diane, I’ll email you about it. There on their way here (in the mail) so when I get them all from Elizabeth I’ll be able to let you know what I have available and prices. Thanks for asking.

  2. Maria, Since I was a child, this body of mine has been a large toothache. Do include me with information about this Tallow Balm. Maybe then where I live would not, as our youngest as a child said, that this place smells like a ‘gymnastic.’

  3. Maria, I am also interested in this balm and how to purchase. Please advise when you receive your shipment. Always, Thank you, Marie

  4. I LOVE THIS PICTURE OF LIZZIE AND OLIVE!! Their picture shows such warmth and peace. If anyone could imbue a cream with healing intention, this pair surely can! Annie

  5. P.S. I’m sorry. I didn’t read carefully. Lizzie is the name of Elizabeth’s business. Elizabeth is a pure spirit, like you. Annie

  6. I would like to buy Elizabeth’s Tallow Balm. I wish I could come to the open house….but I cannot travel at this time. Please let me know how I can purchase this.❤️

  7. Hi Maria. . ..I, too, would like to know how I can purchase the balm. Sadly I’m too far away in California to be there. . .maybe one day. . xo

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