Paula Bogden’s Collage’s At The Bedlam Farm Open House

By Paula Bogden
By Paula Bogden

I looked at the number  on my iphone.  I didn’t recognize it.    Sometimes I’ll get a text message from someone I don’t know.  Often it will have a picture with it.   Something someone saw in a museum or gallery and thought I might like.

It’s always a little unnerving and feels invasive, uninvited.

This time I liked the picture I was seeing and  noticed something familiar about it, but I was in the middle of blogging, so  really only glanced at it before dismissing it.   It was probably a half hour later, when I walked into my studio that it hit me.

Paula Bogden was sending me photos of her collages for the  Bedlam Farm Open House.  And the image was familiar to me because it’s from our back porch.

You can see the background papers that she made a while back on my Events Page.  And now you can see what  they became.    And here’s another….

By Paula Bogden
By Paula Bogden

“They don’t all have pictures from Bedlam Farm”, Paula texted me.  I know as an artist she used her photos that worked best for the piece.  It’s nice that some of them are from the farm.

(So much layering and depth.  Why do I love that arrow so much?  I’m not even sure.)

To give you a sense of size, the image is 8×10″ in an 11×14″ mat.  They don’t have titles yet, but they may come from the words in the collage.

I can just picture them on my School House Gallery walls.  I cant’ wait!

You can see Paula’s work, her photography, collage and writing here on her blog Little Scraps of Magic.




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