Buy A Pair Of Colorful Socks, And $2 Will Be Donated To My Trip To India

Jon and Heather
Jon and Heather at Over The Moon Beads

“I got the socks”  It was a message from Heather who owns Over The Moon Beads.  I’ve been waiting for her to get the latest colors in Jon’s size.  She was also stocking up for the Bedlam Farm Open House Weekend.

Jon started buying me the colorful socks from Heather’s shop, and when she recently got  them  in extra-large, I started buying them for Jon.  I think he has more than I do now and our clothes line looks better than ever.

Heather’s doing something special with the socks the weekend of the Bedlam Farm Open House.  For every pair she sells to anyone coming to the Bedlam Farm Open House, she’s donating $2 to my trip to India.  The weekend hasn’t begun, but she’s already collected $20 in donations from people who have come to town early or ordered by phone.

So if you’re in the market for some really colorful and well made socks ( made in the USA) visit Heather at Over The Moon Beads, next to Battenkill Books on Main Street in Cambridge.  And let her know you heard about them through me and Jon and $2 from the sale of your socks will benefit the girls I’ll be working with in India.

Over The Moon Beads will be  open Saturday from 9-4 and Sunday from 10-3.

And if you aren’t coming to the Open House, but still would like a pair you can call Heather at
(518) 677-3005 or visit her at


3 thoughts on “Buy A Pair Of Colorful Socks, And $2 Will Be Donated To My Trip To India

  1. Good morning Maria. Saw your video on your awesome wool. As you know, I have made a scarf and two pairs of very warm convertible mittens from Bedlam Farm wool. Looking forward to reading about the open house. I hope to attend one day. Riding our mules in the mountains this weekend.

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