The Space Between Me and You


How these potholders came out of last week, I’ll never understand.  They’re much too colorful for how I was feeling.  Maybe that’s why it took me so long to make them.  Makes me think I reached deep inside me to a hopeful place and made that hope visible.  A hope I didn’t even know  I possessed.

Kathye sent me a card with a check for my Dancing Trees Potholder that she bought.  In the card she wrote a quote that she thought was meant to be shared even though she didn’t know who said it.

“The space between yourself and the rest of the world is not empty.  It’s full of the vibrating energy of love.”

That’s what I want to remember as I go through my days.  It may take some work, some doing, but  I can see it and feel it.   That space between me and the world, between me an all beings, vibrating with love.

4 thoughts on “The Space Between Me and You

  1. Maria, that is a quote to try and remember. I have moments in my day when thoughts creep in that I wish wouldn’t, for some reason I cannot work in my studio, I need to get outside and do physical work then, not that I understand but maybe the fresh air blows cobwebs away from thoughts that do me no good to have in my mind. And I’m thinking of Jon and his blog and what a gift it is to so many, that even his books do not surmount. Day to day inspiration, thoughts, challenging the mind to think in a way that may be different, his comments, how he feels, I am very grateful to know of his presence in my computer. I hope all goes well with his testing, another worry that all will be well. Life never runs in a straight line, does it.
    SandyP, in the most wonderful month of November that I can ever remember being here in the country. Warm, sunny, it’s like it’s forgotten it’s November and thinks it’s October.

    1. I completely get the need to be outside. It does something different for the mind. Good that you’re following your instincts. And you’re so right about November!

  2. I so needed to see these colors! It’s like I’ve said and been feeling, it’s so hard to express Happy right now, even though you know it’s there, buried somewhere. This photo feels like Hope in all its glory!

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