A Poem For the New Year From Veronica Hallissey


“Balance” a Bedlam Farm Tote Bag

For the new year I want to share a poem written by my friend and poet Veronica Hallissey.  Veronica is a constant inspiration to me and truly a mystic.  She has been writing her whole life and started her  blog  From an Upper Floor about 5 years when she was in her early 80’s.  Her’s is a voice that will not be silenced.

Around The Bend. . .  by Veronica Hallissey

I was told
you have stretched
your boundaries
as far as you can and the rest
will require another world.

You work too hard at this, he said.
Break the pattern because
you do not need more information
to underscore what you already know.

What good to understand
worm holes and black holes, white holes
and time warps.
You work with them every night
when you flutter in and out
of worlds and know your way around
the bends of light.
You don’t need anything more.

You need a good stiff drink
of more than cola.
Love, take a bender.
You need rye, straight.

I say, around the bend
there will be a hand;
someone to pull me up.

around the bend will be a someone
to pull me up. . .I know.


You can read more from Veronica and see her fiber art here.

3 thoughts on “A Poem For the New Year From Veronica Hallissey

  1. Dear Maria Wulf, Thank you very much for reprinting this very worthy poem from the Upper Floor, and giving followers a chance to reply to Veronica. Thank you both for your beautiful fibre art and inspiration to others. I wish blessings to both of you in the New Year. Ruth Hill

  2. Ronnie has been a friend since the 1960’s. I have watched with delight as she has found he voice.
    Bill Hackett

    1. I’ve only known Veronica for a short time, maybe 5 years or so Bill and only on line. But I still feel close to her and am grateful for your friendship and being able to share her wisdom.

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