Linda’s Quilts, In Their New Homes

I love to see my quilts being loved and well used.

I made five quilts for Linda, all gifts that she gave to her family for Christmas.  One of her son’s sent this picture of the quilt he got as a gift from his mother.

Seeing my quilts hanging on my studio wall after I’ve finished them is so different from seeing them on a bed.  And it’s even better to see them on the bed or couch or where ever someone chooses to put them, once they’re in their new home.

No longer mine, the quilt gets to live its own life.  I love being able to send my quilts out into the world.  I hope each one brings beauty and warmth to the person who owns it.

Linda’s husband got to choose the quilt he wanted first. He told Linda that this one “Called to him“.   He’s not sure if he’ll use it on the couch or bed.  I like how it becomes three-dimensional on the couch.  More a sculpture than a painting.

Which ever he chooses will be the right choice.

One thought on “Linda’s Quilts, In Their New Homes

  1. Dear Maria, I am always amazed at how different your quilts look on a bed or sofa. These just GLOW with warmth and color!! Annie

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