Before India, One More Quilt

I’m thinking about how to spend  the time I have left in my studio before I leave for India.  I  know I don’t want to leave anything undone.  I want to be able to come home and begin working on something new.  Hopefully inspired by my travels.

But planning what I’ll be working on rarely works.  This morning I was looking at the fabric that Jon got me for my birthday.  Two large pieces, both from India.

One of them had a tree with lots of different animals in it.  I don’t see cutting it up, not yet anyway. But the other had these great elephants running along the edge.  I wanted to use them.

They’d be good for potholders, but I didn’t feel like making potholders.

So I started working on this quilt.

And it flowed.  When I stopped for lunch I already had most of it done.

It’s my Before India quilt.  Feels like a circus to me. I used lots of different kinds of fabric.  A real mix.  There’s even scrubs form Barb (she just sent them to me writing that I’d probably need some solid colored fabric when I come home with all those wild fabrics from India.  She was right and I haven’t even left yet!)  and some from my friend Jackie Thorne.

Some of the fabric is Vintage, some of it newer.  I’m still kind of stunned how it all came together so quickly.  And I know I’ll have time to finish it (and hopefully sell it) before my trip.

This is a close up of the elephant fabric I used in the quilt.

4 thoughts on “Before India, One More Quilt

  1. OH, MARIA! HOW BEAUTIFUL!! This quilt surely feels like India. I love the elephant fabric from Jon. I know you are doing God’s work, going to help sisters in India and their children. Annie

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