Kolkata Diary. Freud’s Barber Chair

A drawing I did in the airport

I had two dreams last night. I wrote about the first one in my last blog post.  The second one has a title.  It’s called  Freud’s Barber Chair.

In the dream I was sitting in one of those old-fashioned brown leather barber chairs.  First my legs became weightless then started to float up in the air.  Then my whole body levitated out of the chair.  Soon I was flying all over the room.   When I woke up  I was repeating the words Freud’s Barber Chair over and over in my mind.

Flying dreams are usually about freedom for me.  And since Freud plays a significant role in this dream, I imagine it has some psychological meaning to it.  I’m guessing that with yesterdays Initiation Ritual I let go of something. But I’m not sure what it is.

I’m intrigued by the words though.  After all, it’s not Freud’s Couch, but his Barber Chair….

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  1. so excited for you– how brave you are! am holding you in my heart, which is my prayer. . . can’t wait to hear about your daily adventures and the wonderful women you will meet. . .xo

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