Empowering Women. Tote Bags For Sale Made By The Girls At The Women’s Interlink Foundation

Watching the girls at the Women’s Interlink Foundation each making their own drawing on the tote bags I brought them, was an enriching experience for me.  I loved to see their confidence.  So many of them knew just what they wanted to do.  And the ones who were unsure, figured it out.  Sometimes with the help of their friends.

Here’s each of the 10 Tote Bags I have for sale.  Every one is signed by the artist who made it.

The Tote Bags are $50 + $8 shipping.  I will donate the  profits from them back to the Women’s Interlink Foundation.

If you see a tote bag you’d like to have, just email me with then number listed below it,  at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

You can read my blog post and see pictures of the girls making the Tote Bags here.

Tote Bag #1 Sold


Tote Bag #2 SOLD


Tote Bag #3 SOLD


Tote Bag #4    This bag is a block print, using two different colors.  It has the same block print on the back. SOLD


Tote Bag #5 Sold


Tote Bag #6 Sold


Tote Bag #7 This is the other tote bag made using a block print. It has the small drawing of the red flower on the back of it that you see in the video. SOLD


Tote Bag #8 Sold


Tote Bag #9


Tote Bag #10 Sold


2 thoughts on “Empowering Women. Tote Bags For Sale Made By The Girls At The Women’s Interlink Foundation

  1. Maria you are not doing ‘nothing”getting nothing accomplished’
    your letting your body use it’s
    energy for healing. your body
    your heart needs time to rest,
    regroup. the wellspring of your artistic talent is still there. your dreams of creativity will return.
    negtive thoughts is energy poorly spent.
    be as gentle kind and loving to yourself as you would for others you love. rest well gentle Maria.
    i love the photo of you sleeping on the sofa with both cats. and everytime you nap gives them a chance to be there for you and catching up on much needed mom time.
    change your perception of resting and you will feel it.
    we are strangers but wanted to reach out to you.
    your readers understand and will wait for you.
    sending peaceful thoughts and many hugs.

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