“Talking To Animals” Bedlam Farm Open House June 10th and 11th

Jon with his new book “Talking to Animals” in his study where he wrote it.

The sun was high in the window, blinding me as well as warming my face.  Yesterday Jon let me sleep while he feed the animals.  Today I did the same for him, then crawled back into bed.

The dogs were chewing on rawhide and Jon was dozing when it came to me.

Hey! I said, Jon’s eyes springing open,  your book is coming out in May so we’ll have it for the June Open House.

We’ll call it the “Talking To Animals” Open House.   I’ll get books from Connie and sell them in my Gallery.  You can sign them and do a reading.

It all began to fall into place.  Once again I was thinking the June Open House would be a quiet event.

We won’t be shearing the sheep like we did last year because the shearing really needs to be spaced six months apart for the wool to grow the proper length.  So well do shearing at the October Open House and in April, not at the June Open House.

And I haven’t even asked most of the artists that I want in my Gallery yet.  So I’m a little behind in the details.

But having Jon’s new book so hot off the press (it comes out May 5th, just a month earlier) gives a special focus to the Open House.

So join us on Saturday and Sunday, June 10th and 11th  from 11am-4pm at Bedlam Farm.  Meet Jon and some of the animals you’ll read about in “Talking To Animals”.  Have your book signed.  And enjoy an outdoor reading.

For more information on the Bedlam Farm Open House go to my Events Page or click here.

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