“Two Worlds”, A New Quilt

I bought five of these pillow shams when I was in Udiapur.  Each one is different.  I used the first one in my quilt After India.

My plan is to use each one as the beginning of a quilt.  The thing is, that each pillow sham is so gorgeous by itself, it’s not easy to add fabric to it without taking away from it.

So they are the centerpiece.  To be framed, but not stand alone within the quilt.

I don’t remember who it was that sent me the small pieces of white quilt, with the intricate hand stitching and hand embroidered potted trees.  Not only did they work well color wise, but I loved the two hand-made pieces, one from India and one from America.  And all that texture.

The old Flour bag  on the top, also had just the right colors and added another element to the quilt.  It speaks of the history of quilting, using the scraps of fabric available.

The machine embroidered curtain panel on the right, brings us closer to here and now.

I gathered pieces of fabric from my stash then cut them up to make the patchwork on the ends.

I used the red and gold fabric to create lines, reminiscent of the stitching in the pillow sham.

Then kept pulling on the colors in the pillow sham…


….To create a unified piece.

I’m calling this quilt Two Worlds.  A fusion of my experience in India and being home. I’m still debating edging it in a small strip of white.  Then I’ll put a back on it and sell it.  It will be $400 + shipping.

6 thoughts on ““Two Worlds”, A New Quilt

  1. Maria, my heart is happy….I sent those pink embroidered pieces to you. I know they were part of a hand-stitchd quilt that had damage on most of it but was able to salvage some. Something told me you could put them to good use and you did! You’re “amazing”!

    1. I’m so glad you got to see that I’ve used them. Often I will have something for years before I use it. Thank you for sending them! They are just right Nancy.

  2. Maria, I definitely want this quilt as per my email this morning.

    Send me the invoice.

    Thanks a bunch!

    tony Breuer

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