“Talking To Animals” Jon’s Newest Book, Delivered To Our Door

Jon reading  “Talking To Animals” with Fate and Red listening.

We didn’t even hear Bernie, the UPS guy, come to the door.  But Fate was standing there wagging her tail.  Jon tore open the package and pulled out  two copies of his new book, Talking To Animals.

The book comes out May 5th, but the authors get a few copies a month before.   I couldn’t stop smiling.  “Look”, I said as I opened to the first page.  “Look at all the books you’ve written, they take up the whole page.”

We’ve been through this many times before, seeing the first copy of one of Jon’s new books.  I don’t think I’ll ever not get excited over it.

I leafed through the pages,  reading the chapter titles.  Then to the back cover and a picture of Jon kissing Chloe.  I took the picture of them, but I forgot all about it.

Just this morning Jon was saying that our giving Chloe a new home is just what his new book is about. Being able to see animals for who the really are.  Being able to understand what is best for them, without imposing our emotions and sensibilities on them.

When I ask Jon how it feels to have the book in his hands.  He brushes it off, as just another book.  But I  think his response is like telling an actor to “break a leg” before a performance. Because before I know what’s happening Jon has his camera and is asking where I think he should take  a picture of it.

Out by the barn of course, surrounded by our animals.

Tonight’s dinner, a hunk of salmon from the Co-op,  is defrosting on the kitchen counter.  But we have a tradition of me taking Jon to dinner when one of his books come out.  So I’m going to put the fish in the fridge and save it for tomorrow.  Japanese food in Bennington feels right.  Maybe we’ll even get that Red Bean Ice Cream for dessert.

If you’d like a copy of Jon’s new book, Talking to Animals and you  haven’t already done so, you can preorder it from Connie at Battenkill Books, and have it personalized by Jon too.  You can do that online here.   Or you can call Connie at the bookstore at (518) 677-2515.  She and the other women who work there are always nice to talk to.








4 thoughts on ““Talking To Animals” Jon’s Newest Book, Delivered To Our Door

  1. Thank you, Maria, for sharing your perspective on seeing this exhibit. It reminds me of a place here in Austin called The Cathedral of Junk. This local guy recycles all sorts of cast off items into art in his backyard. It’s always evolving and never looks the same when you go back for visits. My grandchildren love going there when they are in town. We’ve even taken relatives visiting from Scotland to see it!

    1. If I’m ever in Austin Jane, I’ll be sure to see the Cathedral of Junk. And I’m going to let Ed Gulley Know about it too. Thanks!

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