“All The Universe Requires”

I trudged through the woods, my feet stumbling over each other.  There was little joy in my step, I was walking because I thought it might do me some good.

Yesterday after leaving the studio my mood started to level off, then go flat.  I had made the elephant on my new wall hanging, a good creative day.  I wondered why I didn’t feel better.  Maybe I was just creatively spent.

I retreated into the lives  of  “Edgar and Lucy”  in the novel by Victor Lodato and fell asleep early.

The lull hasn’t lifted.  I feel like a slow moving straight line just below the surface.  Unable to break though.

So I walk, and I write, maybe I’ll draw.  There was a blip in that straight line for as long as it took me to eat a piece of  home-made cheese cake that a friend dropped off.  But I know if I ate much more, it would only make me feel worse.

Then I thought of something my friend Veronica Halliessey wrote.  I’ve been meaning to share it on my blog, and I thought it might do me good to read it again too.  So here it is…

“I was told that you cannot wait for anyone else to do what is yours to do.  They do not have your particular understanding nor your vision.  The future  will be turned one page at a time and you will find your name on it.  But do not scythe every blade of grass with one fell swoop.  It cannot be done.  You will do those things closest to your heart.  This is all the universe requires.”

You can read the rest of the blog post these words came from  here and  read more of Veronica’s  wisdom in poetry and prose  on her blog From an Upper Floor.

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