A Cacophony Of Goddesses

I did some more work on my wall hanging today.   A cacophony of goddesses streaming between the goddess and elephant.   They are drawn with marker and stitched.

I’ve decided I’m going to use the same fabric technique on the bird and the goddess’ shirt, maybe the snake as well, that I did for the elephant.  This will help connect the elephant to the rest of the piece.   Also the black and white design from the embroidery piece on the bottom left will eek out onto the background.

That’s more than enough thinking ahead for today.  I don’t usually like to know that much that far in advance.  But the piece is speaking to me.

detail of the goddesses

One thought on “A Cacophony Of Goddesses

  1. OH, MARIA!! THIS IS ALREADY BEAUTIFUL,AND YOU JUST GOT STARTED!! (Of course, your work is always beautiful!) Annie

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