Breathing Between The Branches

At the end of the winter we had the Birch tree and Apple tree in the side yard pruned.  When we first thought about buying our house, these two trees helped me know that it was the right place for us.  They hold a very old and powerful energy.  I always saw the birch with its arms open wide, like a big hug.  And the apple tree, with its hollow trunk, seems a passage to another world.

I was concerned about them both.  The Birch was dropping a lot of branches even when it wasn’t windy and the Apple tree had some big boughs that are hollow or cracked.

But the the men who pruned them said once they got rid of the dead branches, that the trees were healthy.

And I can feel it.

Now when I look at them, with the large spaces between their branches, I feel the space in my own chest,  the air between my ribs.   As if the congestion is gone and I can breathe easy again.

3 thoughts on “Breathing Between The Branches

    1. When I think about it, I’ve always had a feeling of connection to trees, Janet. I was just never as aware of it as I am now. As you say, when we awaken to it.

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