Jon’s Reading At Oblong Books and A Hat For Robin

Amy McAden and the hat she made from Bedlam Farm wool for Robin

Jon’s reading at Oblong Books last night was a special one.  The crowd was thoughtful and curious, they  listened, had questions and wanted to talk.

Once Jon got rolling, he was on. I can feel the moment when it clicks, when there’s no going back and he’s in the zone.  The audience helps that happen.  If it’s a good audience, his talk is that much better, like any performer.

After the talk, while Jon was signing books, I got to talk to some interesting people.  We had conversations  about leggings and socks. One man wanted me to tell Jon  he heard him on the radio and he was so interested in what Jon was saying he bought his book and showed up at the reading.  A woman bought Jon’s book for her husband, who is 100 years old, and couldn’t come to the reading.  She said he’s been reading Jon’s books over and over, he loves them so much.

Then I met Amy.  I knew her name from the donations she’s sent to many of the causes Jon writes about on his blog.  She’s one of the Army of Good.  She handed me a bag with a hat in it she made for Robin from Bedlam Farm wool.  (The wool comes from Izzy, Socks, Rosemary, Liam, Kim and Biddy)

“It might be a little big for her right now,” she told me.  I thought it would be the perfect size for the coming winter beside being so beautiful.

Amy has a company called Lulabelle Knits that “specializes in knitwear for children.”

I gave Amy a hug before she left and said I hoped to see her at the Open House.

After Jon signed the last book, we had a delicious meal at a Thai Restaurant in town.   It was a really special night.  One, I know, Jon and I will not soon forget.

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