Leroy’s Coming Home Soon

We’re lucky that Leroy lives so close to us.  We’ve been able to visit him once a week and watch him grow.  And he’s also able to get used to us a little bit too.

Today when we saw him, he was tired.  It was a big day for him and his sisters.  They all got vaccinated so they were a little worn out.  Leroy stretched out on the cool tile floor, it was almost 90 degrees today.

I found the spot to scratch  beneath his front paw that makes his little back leg twitch and found out that he likes to have his belly rubbed.

Suddenly it’s upon us.  We get to take him home next Friday.

So Jon and I are planning his arrival.  Thinking about a getting a small fenced in area for outside and discussing where he’ll sleep and where he’ll spend his day.  We have a trip to Petco planned for sometime next week.

I’ve never had a small dog, but I’ve always had the feeling that it’s so easy to just scoop them up when they’re doing something that you don’t want them to do, that they don’t get trained as well as they could.

That’s something I want to be aware of and try to avoid.

The last time I had a puppy this small was thirty years ago.  His name was Lestat  (I was a big Anne Rice fan) and he was the runt of the litter.    At the time I was driving a school bus and I used to put him in my bag and take him to work with me.  But his mother was a doberman (no idea what his father was) and he didn’t stay small long.

I think the hardest part for me will be to remember that Leroy’s actually is a dog.

Leroy fell asleep while we were visiting.

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  1. We have a 10 week old Boston, we have an x-pen in the back yard (not allowed fences where we live)..it is his potty place and he knows it, he rings the potty bells and we let him out and he goes in the x-pen…the confined space worded well for us…

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