A Sweater Made From Bedlam Farm Wool

Baby sweater made from Bedlam Farm wool

On Sunday Jon and I took the wool to Deb at the Vermont Fiber Mill.  This time we took Gus with us, he slept all the way there and all the way back.

Like last year, I mixed the Border Leicester and Cheviot wool with the Romney wool.

I tried to match the colors mixing Suzy with Griselle’s, Liam with Rosemary’s, Socks with Biddy, and Pumpkins with Izzy’s.  I also I did something different in mixing Zelda’s Cheviot wool with Kim’s Karakul wool together.   I’ll get those in roving bumps and the rest in yarn.

The baby sweater in the picture above was made with Bedlam Farm wool.   The woman who made it for her grandchild, said the wool was a pleasure to work with.  I find the sweater just beautiful.

I’ll be getting the wool back from the mill in October.  Hopefully in time for the Bedlam Farm Open House.   But I’ll be selling it here on my blog too.

The wool packed in the car to take to the mill.

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