A Good Zucchini Year Already

I don’t know how I missed them.  They must have grown over night.

Last year I got only one zucchini in my Three Sister’s Garden.  This morning I picked five zucchini that I didn’t know were there till today.

It’ll be the kind of year where neighbors leave giant zucchini on each other porch hoping to get rid of them.  I haven’t baked in over 10 years and I’m already thinking of making zucchini bread.   I can only imagine that there are whole cookbooks dedicated to zucchini.

I like it sliced and grilled with a little olive oil and Romano cheese myself.

But we already have too many and now I’m sure that’s the kind of squash plant that’s growing in the barnyard too.  I was hoping it was a pumpkin vine.   It’s a wild vine.  The seeds probably dropped in a good load of fertilizing manure from one of the donkeys or sheep last fall.  None of the animals are interested in the prickly leaves so it’s thriving.

But they’ll all be sick of zucchini soon enough.  All my extra zucchini will go to the animals…donkeys, sheep and hens.





2 thoughts on “A Good Zucchini Year Already

  1. I have a whole cook book dedicated to zucchini so I know there’s at least one. I grate zucchini and make “mock” crab cakes; one of the favorites in our house.

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