Keeping Warm

Fate will sit at the gate to the pasture no matter what the weather.

Even this morning when it was 20 degrees out, cold enough to freeze the latch on the gate,   Red and Gus were at the door, ready to go in, but Fate stayed out with me while I cleaned off the cars from last night’s snow and ice.

It was only when we were eating breakfast that Fate chose a spot next to the wood stove.

Gus quickly learned to hug the stove like a cat.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Warm

  1. This is so cozy. That little Gus is very smart. So glad you’re enjoying a smaller dog! Change is good 🙂

  2. we don’t get snow here very often in DE but lily LOVES it when it does. a few years ago we had a big snow storm. it left high drifts in areas of our yard and piled high along the side of our quiet road. a sunny day with blue skys and lily having an joy fest in the mountains of snow. even a couple of our neighbors came outside to watch. what I’m very thanful for is that it happened when she was young and healthy so she could fully enjoy it. we have had a light dusting of snow the past couple of days. watching lilys joyful play lights up our heart as I’m sure watching your dogs does to yours.
    watching Gus and Fate playing in the snow..making joyful memories.

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