Bedlam Farm Wool and Bumps For Sale, Dyed And Bulky….

Bulky Gray, Teal, Socks/Izzy, Coral and Suzy/Biddy.

Jon and I picked up our latest batch of Bedlam Farm Wool yesterday.

For the first time I have some Bulky Wool in natural grays.

For the first time I have some dyed wool (Teal and Coral), I sold out of them quickly.

I like the way the Teal and Coral look with the natural grays and browns.

Each skein of wool is 200 yards.  They are a mix of sheep and they are $25 each.

Now  I’m selling them in my Etsy Shop, to see what I still have available and   buy them from me there.  Just click here to visit my Etsy Shop.  

Here’s what I have for sale…


My Bulky yarn is a  3 ply mix of Pumpkin and Griselle’s wool.  It’s part Romney, Cheviot and Border Leicester.



My Socks/Izzy wool  is 3 ply Worsted mix of Border Leicester and Romney.



My Suzy/Biddy wool is a 3 ply DK mix of Romney and Border Leicester.



Brown and White 8 oz Bumps

And for the spinners and felters, I have 8oz bumps of wool for sale.  They are $25 + $10 shipping.

I have  Brown Bumps which are a mix of Socks and Izzy’s wool.  It is  Romney and Border Liecsester.

I have  White Bumps which are a mix of Rosemary, Kim and Liam’s wool.  It’s Romney, Karakul, Border Leicester and Cheviot.

2 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Wool and Bumps For Sale, Dyed And Bulky….

  1. Maria, My new yarn has arrived, and I love it. and this blog entry answers my questions as to the breeds of sheep. I’m going to save this one so I have it for the future. I see by the weather, you are getting a major winter storm. Your Breakfast in the Barn says it all! I hope this is winter’s last gasp for you.


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