Perspective At The Mansion

At The Mansion

The last couple of times I did drawing with some of the people who live at The Mansion, they basically traced shapes that I made onto a piece of paper and colored them in.

This time I thought I’d try something more challenging.

I decided to try to teach them basic perspective.  Giving a flat shape the illusion of being three-dimensional, like making a square into a cube.

As usually happens the idea grew in a different direction with each person.

Peggy drew a landscape, showing how perspective works by making an object in the distance smaller than one close up. After that she got interested in the kind of perspective I was teaching.  Sylvie picked up the idea quickly, drew couple of forms, colored them in, then she was done.  Bob took the ruler and drew lines and angles  the way he would have in the construction work he used to do.  And Winnie decided to make her form into a happy house with a palm tree and yellow sun.  Guerda and Joan watched.

I never know how these classes are going to go.

Partly it works because I think it’s just good when someone new comes in to work with the people who live at The Mansion.  Especially this time of year when it’s hard for most of the residents to even get outside for a walk.

I like trying to figure out how to direct each person according to their interest and ability.  I want them to feel good about being there and what they’ve done.  And that  means something different for each person.

So I’ll be back at it next month.

Maybe I’ll bring the blank notecards, and ask them to do drawings on them.  I think the idea of a drawing being functional  can be inspiring.

Winnie’s drawing of the Happy House.

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