We’re Marching For Our Lives In Cambridge, NY This Saturday

Me and the Crocheted Gun and Baby Blanket Sculpture.       Photo by Jon Katz

I woke up before it got light and lay in bed thinking of how I could make my Crocheted Gun and Baby Blanket into a sign I could carry with me on March For Our Lives this Saturday.

The march will take place in Washington DC with sibling marches all over the country.  Jon and I will be walking with our neighbors (many of them are gun owners, like me and Jon)  in our small Upstate NY town of Cambridge.

The march was organized by the students from Parkland Florida.  It’s not about outlawing guns, but about doing what it takes to  make students safe in their schools.

I am inspired by the kids from Parkland.  I see in what they are doing hope that things can actually change.

I want to be a part of that.

As I lay in bed this morning, I decided instead of a traditional sign, I wanted to use the actual Crocheted Gun And Baby Blanket in a sculpture I could march with.

Eventually I came to see that it needed to be on a flat round surface.  In my mind, I traveled though the house and barn, looking for something round that I could easily attach to a stick of wood and was strong enough to hold the gun.

As I trolled through the kitchen I saw the pizza pan on the top shelf of the bottom cabinet.  I pictured its size (easy, the size of a pizza) and the size I remember the gun to be and thought it was just right.

I knew I could find a piece of wood in the basement for the stick.  Then I imagined drilling holes and using screws and bolts to attach the wood to the pizza pan.

I imagined drilling  more holes to attach the blanket and gun to the pizza pan.  I could use monofilament to tie the blanket down, but thought it might be easier to use wire to hold the gun on.

In one way, the piece was already made before I got out of bed.

The pizza pan and the stick of wood from the basement

Of course, thinking about doing something  is always at least a little different than doing it.  I figured out what worked and what didn’t as I put the piece together.   But to my surprise, it came together much as I imagined it would.

I’m looking forward to carrying my Crocheted Gun and Baby Blanket in the march on Saturday.  More than any words I can think of, it says how I feel about guns and our country.

The finished piece I’ll be carrying in the march on Saturday

I still have some of my Crocheted Gun and Baby Blanket Postcards for sale in my Etsy Shop.  They’re great for sending to representatives.  And as mail art they are seen by everyone who handles them from the time you put them in the mail till they reach their destination. There are 8 cards to a pack and they are $12 + $3 shipping.  I’m donation 10% of the proceeds to March For Our Lives.

I was thrilled when Susie emailed me that she wanted to give 100 postcards to  Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America. (I’m selling the postcards for less in large quantities and for organizations like this one).

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