An Old Frozen Quilt Becomes Sculpture

At first I wasn’t sure what was on the roof, but then I saw it was the old torn quilt that Lisa Carrino gave me.  I had it drying on the clothesline overnight.

I imagined it blowing off the line and sailing over the roof of the house, finally getting tangled in the lilac bush.

I got out the ladder and didn’t realize it was frozen till I tried to get it down.  And as I tugged on it, I imagined it holding it’s shape, and suddenly it became a sculpture.

I placed it on the snow covered ground, the perfect setting for the frozen quilt and began documenting it with photos and a video before it could melt.

I thought it looked like some kind of animal, holding it’s head up…
A seal or even a snail….


6 thoughts on “An Old Frozen Quilt Becomes Sculpture

  1. I see… a noble rooster, a multi-colored one…a rainbow rooster

    And perhaps one of our peacocks here in Rio, strutting around right now, looking for a girlfriend…

    Or, wildly, a rainbow brachiosaurus, before it new its fate?

    Just…lovely, Maria.

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