A Bee On My Windowsill

This bee was on the window in my studio this morning. I’m not sure if he was dead or just cold.  I put him back outside, hoping the sun will come out and warm him up.

4 thoughts on “A Bee On My Windowsill

  1. Hi Maria,

    Just wanted to point out that it’s unlikely the bee is a “him” since male bees as I understand it are merely drones in the hive. Bees in general, like ants, are female. Too often people refer to all animals – even chickens and cows which by definition are female – as male or “he.” As a feminist I’m sure you’d want to take any opportunity to give a shout-out to our fellow miraculous creatures who are female! Thanks, Martha

    1. I had no idea Martha, My knowledge of bees is limited and I assumed there was the queen and the rest of the bees were male drones. I took the bee on my widow to be one of those drones that lost his way. Now I’m curious about the other female bees. Thanks!

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