Making Felted Bracelets At The Mansion


I love how ideas come to be.

Since yesterday I’ve been thinking of what to teach in my art class at The Mansion (the Assisted Living Facility) today.  I had some vague ideas, but then this morning I see the felted bracelet on my dresser that a friend gave me.

The light bulb went off!

If Kitty and I hadn’t learned felting last week, I never would have thought of felting.  And If I didn’t have all that Bedlam Farm Roving left from last years shearing, I also wouldn’t have thought of felting.

I found a quick and easy bracelet  felting video on YouTube practiced making a few bracelets and now I can’t wait to get to The Mansion and show the people there, who want to learn, to make a bracelet.

I’ll let you know how it goes….

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