Smock Potholders

I think it’s called a smock.  It’s a kind of apron that women wear over their clothes when they’re cooking or maybe even doing house work.  No sleeves, with pockets and snaps down the front.  Like a really short house dress.

My Auntie Vee used to wear them, and when I pulled this smock that someone sent me, off my shelf,  I thought of her.

I think it’s from the 1970’s although I don’t know for sure,  but it looks like 70’s fabric to me.

I didn’t plan on making so many potholders, but once I got going, I couldn’t stop.  The only reason I did finally stop making them was because I ran out of fabric.

They still need to be sewn together and  made into potholders.  Once they’re all finished( sometime next week probably, I’m waiting for some insulated batting that I ordered.)  I’ll be selling them in my Etsy Shop.

A close up of one of the potholders.

4 thoughts on “Smock Potholders

  1. wow! quite a creative streak brought on by the smock.beautiful potholders.just seeing them in a photo made me smile.
    when i was a kid i remember seeing the older women wearing what your describing.
    my granma wore aprons that had a loop that went over head and tied in the back. sometimes when she was doing dishes i would sneak up behind her and untie the apron ties. she would scold me by using my full name but i could hear the smile in her voice.
    I’m sure your lovely ‘ smock ‘ potholders will bring back memories for many people. and just maybe the smock will come back in style. it sure was useful esp. with the pockets.

  2. Oh Lordy, Maria, I can see my mother plain as day wearing her smock to cashier in my dad’s meat market. I had totally forgotten about those dang things. Kept the clothes clean. Thanks for a walk down memory lane.

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