The Owl In My Fabric Painting

I’ve been working on my latest Fabric Painting (which I still don’t have a name for) for the past two days, focusing on the Owl.

I used fabric, stitching and marker on it.  I’m still thinking of adding some beads or maybe not.

Whenever I’m using my free-motion sewing machine to stitch, I think of it like a pencil or marker or  any other tool to make a mark. Every stitched line I  create matters.  It has to have as much feeling as any line in any drawing.

This is what the piece looks like now.  I still have work to do on the goddess and bull in the corner.  And I’m not sure what, if anything else I’ll do.



4 thoughts on “The Owl In My Fabric Painting

  1. I like the way you have changed the look and feel of the traditional quilt blocks (their name escapes me at the moment). The owl is wonderfully regal.

  2. “Owl be seeing you”…love this! Definitely add some beading. I think the pattern is Dresden Plate??
    Always love your work, Maria❤

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