Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 7/9/18

At first, I was just relieved  to see Flo sunning herself on the back step to notice something was wrong.

It was when I was taking the video of her I saw how different she looked and felt.  Her usual energy just wasn’t there.  Not only in terms of movement, but in the energy she was giving off.  When I picked her up it seemed her strength was gone.  She lay passively in my arms. She looks a lot  skinnier than she did two days ago.  And wouldn’t eat when I put her food in front of her.

So we have an appointment for her at the Vet this morning.  I’m not feeling hopeful.

When Flo disappeared all day yesterday I had the feeling she wouldn’t be coming back.  But she did.  So now we’ll take her to the Vet, find out what’s wrong with her and do what we believe is best for her.

5 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 7/9/18

  1. Oh Maria, My spirit is with you on this one. I remember the first day you saw Flo skittering across the yard. And when you saw her a second time! Peace to you all, Cindy

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