The Flying Vulva

Flying Vulva

Yesterday I got the idea to make a Flying Vulva Potholder.

I came up with this drawing last night and started working on stitching it this morning.

I practiced stitching it on a Vintage Linen Napkin, which is fitting, but also have a linen table runner that I thing might work well.

I was thinking of making some as small Flying Vulva Fabric Paintings too.   I could try stitching those on a Vintage Hankie…

Another flying Vulva. I’m working on the pinks….


10 thoughts on “The Flying Vulva

  1. The vulvas on wing
    It’s beautiful thing
    My morning began
    With a smile
    Can the labias lead?
    Will the patriarch cede?
    Has the status quo
    Substantially shifted?
    Rise up! And fly high
    Leave the paradigms lie
    Wear your pussy hats
    Choose our most gifted.

  2. It appears you are resurfacing your “genital artistic themes” again… your goddesses in the past were examples of this style but changed (evolved?) with clothing… not sure why… would love to hear your thought process… you had a short lived tote bag series that prominently displayed “femininity” but disappeared in a heart beat… commercial pressures…? Jon described your announcement of this new line as “you beaming”… your artistic thoughts are …? Any concerns about the families with children who come to your site & Jon’s… do you feel the need to alert them to the content as it may not be what they want to explain to their children without some “advanced notice”

    1. wow That’s a lot of questions. I’ll be writing about my process in making the Flying Vulva, but yesterday I was into making it. It’s a process and I don’t like to think about what I’m doing too much when I’m making it, but allow it to happen. Don’t want the brain to get in the way of being creative.

    1. Why not Robin, Potholders are my art form. And As Ellen says, it’s just another part of our body, nothing to be ashamed of. And of course it’s more than than too. A statement about women and freedom and our changing place in the world.

  3. Oh Maria, I love everything about these. And, yes Teri, we need these. Or I do anyway. And if you have been watching the news from our borders, I’d posit the whole damn country needs a bunch of good vulva medicine. I have been to McAllen Texas volunteering and I can tell you it is 1938 Germany down there. We need all the vulvas we can get.
    I hardly think a vulva will scar a child. It’s a body part. You know, arms, noses, vulvas etc. We might be able to avoid the warning labels for a while yet.

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