Flying Vulva Decal Proof

My  Flying Vulva Decal

I had no idea they’d get back to me so quickly,  but minutes after submitting the information to Sticker Mule, they sent me back a proof of my Flying Vulva Decal.

I also didn’t know that it would look so different from my original stitched drawing, but I really like their version of it.  It’s a little more whimsical and is a  bold graphic.

Actually, I’m really excited about it now.

I’m definitely going to be putting one of these on my new car and who knows where else!

I should have them by next Tuesday and will put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop then.

8 thoughts on “Flying Vulva Decal Proof

  1. I suppose I shouldn’t really be amazed at the whorl of chatter—the groundswell of support and derision— our vulvas have elicited. I remember very clearly the reaction back in 1970 when the book Our Bodies, Our Selves hit the bookstore shelves. I was a very young woman and felt it was the liberation of truth on all the things no one would talk about regarding women’s bodies and sexuality.
    Here we are, still more comfortable discussing recipes and makeup, than orgasms and empowerment.
    You can now download a PDF of Our Bodies, Our Selves—-and slap a vulva decal on your vehicle. I’m so glad to have lived long enough to see this! Stir on, Maria, stir on……..

  2. Hmmm, what about Flying Vulva T-shirts? Necklace pendants? Tote bags? Here comes The Sisterhood of the Flying Vulvas.

    1. Janet, I got chills when I read your ideas. I can actually see a flying Vulva pendant! That one really struck me. But all would be great. thank you!

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