Flying Vulva Pillow

Flying Vulva Pillow for  Sale in my Etsy Shop.  $85 + $10 shipping.  is Sold.

This vintage hankie has been whispering to me since I got it, that it wanted something special drawn in its center.

When I came up with my Flying Vulva image I knew it would work perfectly on the many vintage hand embroidered hankies and doilies that people had sent me.

I feel a connection to the hankies and doilies and the women who made them so long ago.

My image of the Flying Vulva speaks to the constraints that society put on women at the time they were embroidering hankies and crocheting doilies. Sometimes the only creative outlet available to some women.

I often think that I could have been one of those women, looking for an outlet for my creativity.

I’m grateful for the freedom I have to create and I feel like working with these vintage materials pays homage to the creative women who came before me.

I stitched the Flying Vulva on this pillow using my sewing machine.  I used some regular thread and some metallic thread.  The border fabric comes from quilt designer,  Kenna Ogg and the corduroy is from a pair of women’s pants that I got in a thrift store.

My Flying Vulva Pillow is 19″ x 22″ and is $85 + $10 shipping Sold.  It’s for sale in my Etsy Shop.  You can get there by clicking here or by clicking on the big orange Etsy icon on the top of my blog. 


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