Susan and Her Flying Vulva Pillow

Susan and her Flying Vulva Pillow

Susan and I have become friends over the past couple of years.  And just a month or so ago, she moved Upstate and is now our neighbor.

I was helping Susan hang the art in her house when she first moved in and I saw the pretty nice sized collection she had of my work.  I knew she bought some pieces from me, but seeing some of my older work,  reminded me of how long I actually knew her, even if not in person.

I told Susan she had enough of my work and couldn’t buy anymore.  (Since I was helping her hang the art she already owned, I could see she had little space left in her new house for art.  I was being a bossy curator.)

Yesterday when I put my Flying Vulva Pillow up for sale in my Etsy Shop, Susan sent me a text message saying “…that pillow is going to be so happy on my couch”.

I texted back that if she put another pillow on her couch there would be no room left to sit.  (She has one of my pillows and two of Carol Law Conklin’s pillows, which do look perfect on her couch.)

But I was too late, Susan had already bought the pillow.  She told me that the Flying Vulva has a lot of meaning for her, especially at this point in her life.

I gave in and thanked her.

Last night I delivered the pillow to Susan.  I have to say her smile on seeing it was enough to make me believe it was meant for her.

She hugged the pillow and I took a picture.  The pillow was upside down, but it’s the smile on Susan’s face I was really after anyway.

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