Be Creative With Your Free Flying Vulva Decal


I couldn’t have been more excited when I opened Barb’s letter and saw the self addressed stamped envelope.

Barb is the first person to respond to Free Flying Vulva Campaign to support the shifting paradigm that is happening with women, in our country,  right now.

“I would be honored to spread the word here in Cedar Springs, Michigan” Barb wrote me.

You send me a self addressed stamped envelope ( Maria Wulf PO Box 205 Cambridge, NY 12816) and I’ll send you a free Flying Vulva Decal.  

Put a Flying Vulva  on your car, bicycle, baby stroller or  washing machine.  Put it  in your kitchen or studio window.  Use it as a bookmark or give it to your daughter, grandmother or husband.

Be creative with your Free Flying Vulva Decal then send me an email or a picture and let me know how you spread the word.




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