My Studio Is Back

Except for the linens in the last cabinet, I refolded every piece of fabric in my studio over the past few days.

I revisited all my fabric, getting to know it again, so when I make my next piece of art, I’ll have it all in my mind, ready to access.

My shelves are so neat, I think I may be reluctant to mess them up by using them in my work.  But I know I’ll get over that soon enough,nce I get into whatever I’m doing.

When I moved my work table into the barn for the Open House, I broke off one of the legs.  It was an old formica top table, and the leg was wobbly when I got it about 4 or 5 years ago for $50.  Then, the table top warped during last years Open House when I left the table outside under a tarp and it rained during the night.

I had fixed the leg a few times, screwing it into the thin  chipboard that the table was made of.  It always squeaked and moved every time I ironed a piece of fabric on it.   But this time there was no place left to put the screws.  The chip board had disintegrated to nothing.

I easily broke the three other legs off so I could fit it in the car  to take to the dump after deciding to get a new table.

Every since seeing the movie Phantom Thread last year, I’ve had this fantasy of having a table top like the ones in the movie.  A big flat surface covered by a padded canvas fabric.  Something I can cut and iron on.  Much like the ironing board cover I made a few months ago.

Tomorrow I’ll meet with our handyman Ray and let him know what I’m looking for.  I think it would less expensive for him to make a table from a piece of ply wood and some rough sawn lumber than to buy a work table.

Until then, I’ll use my ironing board as a work table.

Tomorrow I’ll ease into working again.  By now I know it will take a day or so to get seriously working again.

It’s good to have my studio back.

4 thoughts on “My Studio Is Back

  1. My mother was a quilter (as was her mother), and when she and my father moved into a smaller house, we found her a work table that consisted of a smooth, sturdy board supported at both ends by rather stylish sawhorses that were hinged and would fold up. The board just rested on top of the sawhorses. So the whole thing could be taken down and set up as needed. I have it in my garage now for projects that need a large, flat, smooth surface. When not in use, it all folds up and stores out of the way. Bet your handyman could do something like that for not much $.

    1. I was thinking of saw horses Jill. It seems Ray can make a very inexpensive table similar to that one. Four single legs and a piece of plywood on top. I love when furniture is so easy to move like the piece you describe.

  2. Dear Maria I LOVE YOUR NEW WEBSITE! And I love the photos of your studio. It is so warm, inviting, with all the burnished wood and colorful fabric. And now it is so neat again! But it looks great “being used” as well. Annie

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