Six Pillows For Linda

Working on my new table.

A couple of years ago Linda asked me if I would make some quilts as Christmas Gifts for her family.  Linda made it easy.  She paid me half up front, gave me creative freedom and trusted me to make quilts her family would like.

This year Linda asked me if I would make her six pillows for Christmas gifts.   I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Linda and I have since become online friends.  She sends me art cards in the mail and we keep in touch.

Making the pillows for Linda is the perfect way for me to get back into my work after the Open House.  I started making the first pillow late Friday afternoon and continued today,( in between mad donkeys, flat tires and visiting The Mansion.)

I finished designing two pillows today and began a third.  I still have to back and stuff them.  But I was so into designing them, I didn’t want to stop.

The pillows are about 20″x20″ plus a 3 or 4 inch edging.   I’m making them all with the fabric  scraps that were sent to me by quilt designer Kenna Ogg.

Wild Berries” , yet to be backed and stuffed.
“Fire, Feathers and Flowers”, also needs backing and stuffing.
Just beginning the third pillow…

15 thoughts on “Six Pillows For Linda

  1. The center piece of the last one looks like a woman in a hooded cloak hiding behind a big tulip.
    I may have early-onset Looney Tunes, so don’t put too much stock in my opinion.☺

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