A Tour of the Snails in our Bedlam Farm Fish Tank

Both Jon and I get a surprising amount of pleasure from watching our fish tank.  Unexpectedly, the snails are even more interesting than the fish.  Although the fish give the tank color, movement and a legitimacy it wouldn’t otherwise have.

We now have seven snails in our 39 gallon tank, three gold fish and lots of live plants.

It is a living evolving environment and Jr. the baby snail is the newest addition.  He appeared one day on the top of a leaf and is growing steadily.

We’ll see him covering, what look like, large distances for such a small snail, scouring the sides of the tank for algae.  Then he’ll disappear for a day or two, no doubt resting or foraging in  the lower parts of the tank, too dense with plants for us to see him.

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