“Dragon”, Protecting The Deepest Part Of Myself


I can’t help but feel that this quilt came directly out of my experience in Bellydancing over the past week.  I feel like it embodies of the change that occurred in me.  Moving from fear and panic to a place of acceptance of who I really am.

When I sewed the dragons on either side of the deep purple and red velvet, I felt as if they were protecting something.  Now I see that something as the deepest part of myself. That which is layered with life experiences but safe in my core.

I still have to back and tack my Dragon quilt,  I’ll get to that next week.

I hope you can see the subtle variation in color of the velvet in this detail of Dragon.(easier to see in person then a photo)  A red strip spans across it like a vibration.

8 thoughts on ““Dragon”, Protecting The Deepest Part Of Myself

  1. This is gorgeous, and not only do you have dragons, but the prints at the top make it look very castle-like!

    1. I’d never heard of a Thangka before Patty, but looking it up, I see that my quilt fits so well in the description of one. Thank you for letting me know about them. And I noticed that about the sun light on the photo too. I was going to close the curtain when I first saw it, but then realized how perfect it was.

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